Monday, August 29, 2011

What the Doctor said.

So my visit with the Dr. was almost tragic.  She mentioned something about losing weight and gettting more exercise.  She had me a little worried when she started but she said it in such a tone and sort of under her breath as if she knew how ridiculous the suggestion was but she had to say so - some kind of Dr. obligation thing, so I didn't have to strangle her after all. 
She did recommend a boat load of blood work which I had to do fasting so I went this morning.  I walked down there with Max.  On my way there I saw one of Derek's friends skateboarding.  What, a seventeen year old out and about at 8:00 a.m.?  He's a real nice kid and I've always liked him so I stopped and chatted with him for a few minutes.  His room is in the basement as is the electrical panel for their house and they had an electrician in so that was why he was out so early.  He seems to have a lot of trouble with his parents (mom and step-dad).  His mom came to us with some complaints about him that she thought I should know since he hangs out with Derek.  I already know they skip school occasionally, they smoke pot, drink alcohol (don't all teenagers?  I don't like it and they know I don't like it but short of following them around what do you do?  No, really if you have any suggestions, let me know)  I wasn't terribly surprised but I guess she's had issues with his dad (her ex) and her sister with drugs and alcohol so she may be a little more concerned than we are.  She also told me that Derek smokes cigarettes which I don't believe because I have never ever smelled cigarettes on him, nor have I ever found any evidence of cigarettes in the house.  So I concluded that she may be a little paranoid based on past experience (and I don't blame her) or he and Derek are world class actors and they have me totally fooled about how bad ass they are.  Anyway I still like him, he's one of the few kids that age I can actually have a conversation with that does not consist mainly of grunts and the occasional "Yes" or "No".  Anyways...
So I went back to have the blood work done and when I saw how many vials of blood Jan (the phlobotomist, I think that's the right title for medical bloodsuckers) was taking I said to her "Jeez, am I going to be able to walk home now?"  Without missing a beat she said "As long as you make it to the parking lot, it's not my problem"  She was kidding obviously but it gave me a nice chuckle. 
The Dr. also thought a sleep study might be helpful.  I had one a while ago and it revealed mild apnea so she suggested we try again.  I'm not looking forward to trying to sleep with all those wires attached to my head again but chances are it will be a while.  Apparently because it's been less than five years since the last study, OHIP says I have to have a consult with a respirologist and then he/she will have to order the study, my GP cannot order another one.  So I'm guessing it will be months before I see a specialist and then months again before I actually do the study.
She also agreed that I could try Adderall.  I quit taking Concerta about two weeks ago because it didn't seem to be helping at all.  That was confirmed when I quit taking it and noticed no difference whatsoever in my ability to concentrate, focus or my energy level.  Today is day 4 on Adderall and the jury is still out.
As I said before I added back the B-complex, magnesium and now COQ10.  When I'm awake I feel a little better but I'm still napping every afternoon and not finding the energy to make dinner.  As always, John has been wonderful and looking after dinner without complaint.  I am able to get a few things done in the mornings and have started stitching again so I feel good about that.  I guess time will tell.


  1. That's good you're getting the tests done. I think all you can really do with teenagers is to let them know you're care and that you care for them.

    btw, I've adopted the new name of Lawanda, as in Green Fried Tomatoes--the name Kathy Bates' character takes on when she comes into her own as a woman. There's just too many other Linda's posting.

  2. Good luck with the the sleep study - always better to know what's going on!

  3. Well I certainly hope that something will help and you will have more energy. Have a great week. Kim :o)

  4. I hope the new stuff will help you feel better.
    And if you suddenly discover something magical, share, okay?



  5. Keep up the B vitamins and perhaps try Sam-e. I buy it at Walmart and it is amazing (for me) Energy and clear positive thinking in a tablet form. Just sayin'
    Take care,