Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some stuff I've been working on

 This is a wall hanging in the shape of a kimono.  The appliques are all hand beaded.  They are currently just pinned on the board and when I've finished all the components I'll arrange them and sew them on.  I wish I could get better pictures of the birds, flowers, leaves and bugs but I'm afraid my camera just won't cut it.
 This is a silver and black mandala that I sewed on to a premade cushion cover.  I framed it with silver ribbon.  It looks ok but the bottom left corner of ribbon doesn't match up properly and there are a couple of places (top left and right side)where the ribbon is a little wonky.  The picture is really fuzzy but you get the idea.
 This is a yoga bag I made for my sister.  She wasn't able to find a bag that carried both the mat and a change of clothes.  So I took a regular bag pattern and added elastics to slip the mat in.
 I added some crocheted and tatted flowers, some silk flowers, buttons and beads to the front.  I also crocheted two motifs to put on the top on either side of the zipper.  The lining doesn't fit perfectly inside the bag but I'm pretty happy with it.  When I put the mat in and tried carrying it over my shoulder, one of the straps kept falling so I'm going to add a couple of snaps to the straps so she can snap them together at the top.
One of Jessica's friends asked if I could make one for her in black and hot pink.  She was saying that with the long handles, she can also wear it over each shoulder like a backpack when she's biking.  I'm happy to do it for her for the cost of materials and to get some practice getting the lining and bag to fit together nicely.  The only problem is that she just wants it plain and embellishing is the most fun part.   The practice in sewing the bag itself will be good though.

In other news, our little guest is back to recover from her dental surgery, spay and she had a bladder infection.  She's on special hypoallergenic food to see if that will reduce her scratching.  That means no treats whatsoever for her, she looks so dejected when there is food about.  She's still doing quite a lot of barking when people come and go but we're working on it.  I would hate for her to get adopted only to be returned to the Humane Society because of her barking.  She's pretty smart and I know she's trainable it's just going to take persistence and consistency, it's tricky and we don't have a heck of a lot of time.  She has a vet check on Saturday and she needs to be checked for the bladder infection on April 3.  They're asking us to bring a urine sample but I can't figure out for the life of me how we are going to get that.  She's so darn close to the ground when she pees.   

Last but not least I got the bracelet (picture from to match my ring.  In case you've forgotten what my ring
looks like here's another pic from the website.My ring is very similar to this but with three smaller stones rather than one large one.  I know I was concerned about the price and sort of still am but I really love the bracelet. A lot.


  1. The kimono hanging looks brilliant :-)

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