Friday, April 15, 2011

On being a parent

I have a big stack of magazines in my bathroom. My sister was saving them for me because I used to like reading them and now I don't want to toss them until I go through them and cut out pictures and stuff that I like. (I intend to make a vision board and some collages - some day)
I was going through a "Chatelaine" from 2007 and came across an article about a mom whose son got a tattoo. (For the life of me I can't find the article but you can find the author Sarah Hampson at "The Globe and Mail") Jessica recently got a tattoo so I started reading and this line smacked me right in the face:
"It's a statement about my parenting skills, this tattoo. Which, if so, suggests the sheer madness we invite by having children: Everything they do, we take either as an indictment or an affirmation of our performance as moral and emotional leaders - as parents, in other words."
That is exactly what I do. In my case it is more often an indictment because I attribute their good stuff to luck, their own smarts or my husband. As in most other areas of my life, I tend to take responsibility for the bad stuff, mistakes and inadequacies and slough off or redirect compliments.
I don't have anything against tattoos, I have one myself, it's about parenting in general. How do you feel when your child makes what you think is a mistake? Do you feel more guilty or more angry? Or something else all together?

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  1. Oh me, I feel guilty. I have 23 yo and 13 yo boys. The 23 yo doesnt live at home.
    Happy Weekend.
    Oh and everyone always says dont feel guilty about your parenting. :)