Monday, April 18, 2011

Why I love crazy quilting.

Being creative is difficult for me because I like to have things. I have collected all sorts of craft supplies over the years. I have tried many different crafts and have bought supplies for each. Unfortunately, I have not always stuck with the craft which makes all those purchases a waste of money. I have a load of beads, but never made much jewelry, fabric, but I quit sewing a long time ago, silk flowers but only made a few wreaths, watercolors but only did a couple of paintings... You get the idea. I was always cautious about using the stuff because I was afraid of wasting it if I made a mistake or whatever I made didn't turn out perfectly, particularly since I got depressed. (I do have the perfectionism disease) I came to the conclusion that I like having things more than I like using them. I figure that as long as I have a whole bunch of raw materials, the possibilities are endless. There is potential in our spare room (Kids T.V. and my supplies) for all kinds of masterpieces. The problem is I find it hard to work up the courage to start something.
Since I discovered Crazy Quilting, quite by accident when I stumbled on Pam Kellogg's blog and her lovely Shop that problem seems to have left me. I still over organize, re-organize and then organize again but I am actually using the fabric, ribbon, buttons, beads, sequins, all the things that I have collected. And as a bonus, I like the results. One of the things I like is that there is no perfection required. If I make a "mistake" I just change the plan. I'm sure I won't win any awards for color coordination or composition but my stuff is still pretty nice. (I think) I haven't been cured of buying stuff, I discovered a great store called Evening Star Designs that sells everything you need. I have purchased a few of their surprise packages and they're a real treat. I also re-discovered the Sally Ann. I like to buy stuff and take it apart (then organize the pieces). The difference this time is that I'm actually using the stuff. I'm also using the materials to make embellishments, ribbon flowers, tatted flowers, tatted edging for seams. My only sticking point is embroidery, I can't get my stitches even but I know that will come with practice. In any case I'm enjoying crafting for the first time in a long time. Thanks Pam!
I'm hoping this new attitude will seep into drawing and painting.

I just have to add that my husband, John, has always encouraged me to use the stuff and if I make a mess - So what, we'll get more. As with all of his wisdom though, I have a hard time taking it all the way in even though I know he's right.


  1. Thats great you are crafting again and Pam is a super sweet lady. Hope to get to you better. Happy Creating, Kim

  2. Dang...I just commented on another of your posts, but this one is really spooky to me. IT IS ME. I call myself a frustrated perfectionish. I have so many supplies for every craft ever and never use them for fear of messing up. My husband keeps telling me that you never learn if you don't try and that the craft police will not be knocking on our door. I do love to quilt and cross stitch, and have enough stash of both to open my own stores. I'm afraid to use the good stuff. I might mess it up. OH WELL. It's not like it cost a gazillion dollars. I hate being like this.