Sunday, May 15, 2011

Completed block

Well here is block no. one of my third crazy quilt.  I hope you like it.

I have started three more.  My loving husband picked up two more hoops for me so now I can work on three blocks at a time.  He is encouraging me to do what feels right and not to restrict myself by finishing one before moving on to the next.

I`ve always felt that ``You finish what you start before moving on to the next thing``  He keeps telling me that I should do what I feel like instead of trying to force my creativity.  He`s right of course, as usual but it`s hard for me to silence those voices in my head.  Normal voices (not delusional, I thank all that is I don`t have those) the ones that say:
-Finish what you start, Clean your plate, Don`t draw attention to yourself, You can`t do that, Don`t boast, Keep your mouth shut, Don`t say/do something stupid, You can`t wear that, and the two most common
- You SHOULD HAVE....; and
I`m sure there are a hundred others that aren`t coming to me at this moment.  I`m not trying to be depressing here nor surprisingly enough do I feel self-pity at the moment (I often do), just stating the facts.

1 comment:

  1. Alot of people dont understand that you can make the thoughts stop, thats why you dont just "be happy". I have gained weight in the past years and that certainly doesnt help me.
    Thanks for listening, email me anytime. I dont ever talk about it on my blog though.