Friday, May 27, 2011

A note about this blog

When I started this blog, it was going to be the story in words and pictures of my journey to self discovery through art. Ha!  When I noticed some followers, I began to feel I had to post everyday and the posts had to be witty, meaningful and fascinating.  The labels had to be descriptive, without having too many,  maybe I could start earning a couple of bucks.  As is typical for me, I spent a fair amount of time ruminating about the whole thing and here is what I decided:
1.  Unlike my paper and pen journal, I've been blogging about a variety of things.  Paper and pen usually meant I was feeling crappy and it started bad and ended worse i.e. into a babbling ramble about how awful my life is and I always ended up in tears.  This doesn't work that way, maybe because I don't want to publicize the amount of time I spend wallowing in self pity but in any case, it doesn't make me feel worse.
2.  If I wanted to put time and effort into earning money, I would invest that time and effort in my art.
3.  This is turning out to be a healthy outlet for me.  Followers, comments, advice and connections are wonderful, inspirational, and very helpful but kind of like icing on the cake.
4.  When I start feeling like I have to write "correctly", entertain or inform, I will remind myself that I am doing this to express myself freely and honestly, not to write what I think I should.  I "should" myself enough already, I want this to be should free.
5.  I've seen others with different blogs for different interests.  I considered this but figured that would only cause me to put pressure on myself to write on all of them and I don't really think I have enough to say about each of my interests to sustain more than this humble blog.  People who read it can skip the posts that don't interest them (how will I know and if I did I don't think it would hurt my feelings)
6.  One of the reasons I started this blog because in my ignorance of computers and the internet I thought I had to have one to follow them.  Following other blogs has become one of my daily pleasures.  Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my time but overall learning new stuff, hearing other peoples stories, and getting a smile (I love "cute overload" for this) really is not a waste of time.  Even if that means the laundry has to wait 'till tomorrow.

Having said all this I can't really say what this blog is really about but I hope that those of you who read it will continue to do so, I hope maybe some new people will start reading it and I really hope I will continue to get comments.

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  1. Blog friends are great! I actually get to meet one on Saturday!!! She lives in KY but has to come pretty close to where I live and we are meeting for lunch...Its the first time I get to meet a blog friend. At least you can write....I have trouble thinking what to say when I post. Have a great day! Hugs, Kim
    Oh have a giveaway online, you get tons of followers :)