Monday, May 23, 2011

Overwhelmed and stuck

I've spent a lot of this long weekend re-organizing my crafty stuff.  There are so many little things I want to do around the house that I get overwhelmed by it all.  I sorted out my craft stuff again but now I have nowhere to put the stuff (plastic bins).  My daughter has pretty much taken over the spare room, the basement is a disaster and when it sits in our main living area, it just taunts me.  I often feel like I can't start a project (other than crazy quilting) because I need time and space to spread out where I can make a mess and leave it to go back to.  I also have this thing where I feel like I need to be able to see everything I have to work with and it has to be really handy, otherwise I just can't be bothered gathering up the stuff I need to create something.  I also have the whole "safety zone" thing happening.  I just look around, and all I see is what needs to be done, cleaned, moved, repaired...  So I do nothing.  I think I need to start in the basement.  If I can get that cleaned up and organized I will have space for other stuff.  Problems:  Some stuff is too heavy for me to move or bring upstairs; some stuff I don't want but I don't want to throw away (it's still good);  some stuff I do want to toss but I have a habit of tossing stuff that I end up looking for later.  You see, I have excuses for everything!  I'll probably do what I always do, sew and watch t.v.  How pathetic am I?


  1. Not pathetic at all. Put a few supplies in a basket and make something..lots of crafters do that. What are you sewing??? I made an atc today, still need to put something on my CQ blocks I posted on my blog oh me a month ago. Hope you had a good day. Hugs, Kim

  2. Thanks for following my blog Jojesek! Boy does this post hit home for me. On days when I struggle to find energy my entire house taunts me and when it comes to working--I can't do that until everything is organized. When you start to do something, you start to see EVERYTHING. Throw in a little perfectionism and I'm at the point of madness! I feel for you truly.

  3. I see so much here in my own life that parallels yours. And mostly I look at what needs to be done, see it as a huge thing and decide 'why bother to start it's too big'.

    difficult, I know... and even with the medication I still struggle.