Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Good Day

My sister (from out of town) came for the day yesterday.  Not a moment too soon.  We trekked around the city just laughing and having a good time. We window shopped, made fun of each other, talked about how things are going in our heads and generally had a good time.  We tend to get upset with each other because one of us will make the other laugh until we can't breathe and/or one (or both) of us are in danger of wetting our pants.  That's just the way it is with us.  It's mostly stuff that  when we try to explain it to someone else they just scratch their heads and think "That's really not that funny".  I want to thank John profusely and profoundly for always welcoming said sister with open arms.  (Have I mentioned recently how much I love my husband and how grateful I am for his support?)

I schmucked my toe when opening a door.  It really hurt but when I realized it was bleeding, it actually started to hurt more.  That ever happen to you?  My sister, being the loving, caring sister she is laughed and asked if my tooth still hurt, or did the pain in my toe take my mind off it.  Well it had for a moment but she kindly reminded me that yes, my tooth still hurts too. (three more appointments at the dentist to come - I can hardly wait)

I got a haircut finally, the urge to hack off my ponytail with kitchen scissors was becoming overwhelming so I thought it was time. My sweet sister kindly paid for the hair cut, probably because she felt guilty for mocking my pain and suffering.

After she left John and I got pizza for supper and when I told Derek, no word of a lie, he said "That's splendid". (Have I said recently I love my son?)

At one point in the night I realized I must have missed taking my Pristiq because I was sweating like a pig (although in reality, pigs don't sweat - that's why they roll around in the mud -- to cool off, did you know that?).  Once in a while one of my pills sticks to the dosette and I don't always notice, sure enough, there it was in the Wednesday slot this morning.
At another point in the night I woke up to the very strong smell of skunk and my dog barking outside.  Yikes!  I got up just as Jess was letting Max in and he had not been sprayed (thank God). (Have I mentioned recently that I love Jessica?)
At another point in the night Max hopped up on the bed to lay at my feet which he often does, however, he landed on, then promptly plopped down on my sore toe.  (have I said recently I love my dog?)  Obviously, that woke me up.
At yet another point I woke up convinced that my kids were having a party downstairs and I was sure I could hear the sounds of a poker game, of all things, and the smell of cigarette smoke.  I got up and limped downstairs only to find that Derek was in the spare room playing X-box alone, and Jessica was getting something to eat also alone.  Evidently it was a dream.
Yeah, so I didn't sleep too well but guess what?  In spite all of that, and in spite of my sore toe (have I mentioned in the past I have a low threshold for pain?)  I walked Max this morning.  We didn't go too far or too long but we did go.  Yaay, Good for me.

I realize that this post may sound somewhat manic but it is simply the product of a feeble brain trying to get everything out before it forgets something.  The really good days are few and far between. 


  1. What a night! Your sister sounds fun. I have a low threshold for pain also and it sucks when it comes to the dentist.

    I want to let you know I'm going to be deleting the blog you follow in a week or so, and would love to have you follow me on my new blog which is at

    Take care and have a great day!

  2. "
    At one point in the night I realized I must have missed taking my Pristiq because I was sweating like a pig (although in reality, pigs don't sweat - that's why they roll around in the mud -- to cool off, did you know that?). "

    Yep. And I am now inspired. To tell YOU to get a mud pit. Not that you're a pig... it just sounds sort of entertaining.

  3. Sorry about your toe. I hacked into my finger yesterday, while trying to use dull damn scissors to cut into a package. I nearly fainted when the blood started to run. I can watch total carnage on TV, but if it's me or someone I love bleeding, I pass the fuck out.

    I have this theory that the best humor is familial. My brother and I are like that. He cracks me up like no one else. My Uncle Bob is pretty funny too. It's good to have a sister though. Maybe I could trade my brother in for one.

    Thanks for coming by my site and commenting. Even though I am a hardened bitch, I appreciate it more than I can say.


  4. I am super clumsy so I understand. Its so nice that you and your sister are close and enjoy each others company. I am not so lucky. Anyhow, Hope you have a nice weekend. Oh, how did you get your haircut and what length?? Hugs, Kim