Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This is ridiculous

This will be a total rant.  I hate the person I am at this moment.  I know I should challenge the negative thoughts I'm having but at this moment I can't do it. 
I am spending so much time researching craft projects and techniques, organizing, reading blogs, surfing the internet, and reading (novels, nothing helpful) that I do nothing else. 
I have no room for photographs nobody looks at, beads, buttons, ribbon, embroidery cottons, fabric, flowers, other embellishments, self help books, cook books, Christmas crafting supplies, ...
The whole garage sale thing is never going to happen but all that crap is still in the basement.
I'm neglecting the dog.
I have four baskets of laundry to fold.
I haven't cooked a proper meal in forever.
The floor needs to be mopped.
The oven needs to be cleaned.
The dishwasher needs to be unloaded.
We redid the powder room and the finishing touches are being neglected.
I am isolating myself behind boxes, baskets, buckets and plans.  I am going to pop a couple of clonazepam, go to bed and cry myself to sleep until there is a cure for depression or my doctor is willing to prescribe speed to me.  I know it's only 11:34 but good night.


  1. I like you--even if you don't take care of all the things people tell us we should do. I being what's attractive about cleaning the stove or doing laundry. A lot of us neglect these things. I hope things feel better when you wake up.

  2. Hope today is a better day! You can do it!(maybe--I have been there when I couldnt) Hugs, Kim

  3. I do hope you feel better when you wake up. I recommend you forget about all those tasks for awhile and just snuggle up with Max for some doggy therapy.

  4. I have a LOT of things that need doing. And I care. I DO. I just... can't do them.
    I wish I had advice, but sometimes it really helps to know that it's not just you. It's a LOT of us.

    At my house I refer to it as my crazy train. I'm riding the crazy train.


  5. =( I'm so sorry you're feeling like this!
    Hang in there- I know you are strong!
    Know that I am praying for you!

  6. I sleep, too, when I am depressed.

    Everything seems overwhelming and takes such an effort to a depressed person. I took a cue from my Aunt, and when I am really down and feel overwhelmed, I make a small list of the most vital things that need done, and then I try to accomplish one to three of them. At least, that way, something gets done. The next day, I try and tick another one or two off.