Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random thoughts 2

As if people with mental illness don't have enough problems:

When you see a car you think you recognize but can't see the driver, do you:
a) take a chance on looking like an idiot by waving at someone you might not know; or
b) take a chance on seeming rude by not waving at someone you might know?
Just asking.

If anyone out there thinks feet are as ugly as I do you have to read this post at "Simple Observations."

I subscribe to a lot of animal blogs.  I like to see pictures and the occasional video of cute critters and little critters doing cute things.  The posts that show a two second video of a critter, no matter how cute, that repeats over and over is just creepy.


  1. I wave to everyone. It makes me feel good. :)

  2. I wave at strangers alot! I always think its my oldest son (but normally it isnt)