Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time for a Change

Since my mood has been fluctuating from rock bottom to managing I've decided to try cutting out/down some meds.  I figure if the black dog is going to be gnawing on my bones anyway I'll try cutting out some of the chemicals and see if the meds are what has stolen my soul.

Added SAMe.

Considering the possible benefits of pot and/or alcohol


  1. I honestly think they do!! Hope it helps, Thinking of you....Hugs, Kim PS dont forget I am on medication, just cut back..that one dr had me on tons!!! Then, I switched drs.

  2. I wanted to suggest this yesterday, but figure you already know my view on psych meds. The only mind altering chemical I trust is alcohol and that's because I know the effects are gone in 24 hours if I so desire.

  3. I've just been to renew my prescription and I had a chat with my Doc. We both know the stuffs working for me and he wanted to make sure I finish the course (2 more months). Reading your previous post it seemed to me you were annoyed with the lack of support from those close to you. So lets start with the support from those not so close. Us!
    What can we do for you? what do you want from us? If you're not sure, well lets start with what you don't want from us. I'm not always sure what I want but I know what I don't.

    Onwards and upwards. Best wishes Spanner.