Thursday, November 17, 2011

My two cents on somebody elses two cents

I recently stumbled (literally stumbled upon) on this article while I was once again frittering away my day on this computer (with which I clearly have a love/hate relationship).  Some of it is sentimental drivel, some is worth a chuckle but there are a few I just have to comment on.

1. It’s not all about you. No, seriously, it’s not. - The thing about low self-esteem and paranoia is that it really doesn’t matter if it is or not, I still think it is.
2. In 2010, there is never a good reason to drive a Trans-Am. Prior to 2010, there was only one good reason, and since you’re not Smokey and/or the Bandit, it doesn’t apply to you. - Currently, I am not driving anything so I would be happy to be driving one.
3. I don’t know what the official costume of apathy is, but I know that Crocs are the shoes involved. -  I don’t get them at all
4. A good haircut is worth the money. – humbug
5. It’s o.k. to not care what anyone thinks, it’s not o.k. to not care what everyone thinks. – I don’t understand the difference
7. Deep down, all organized religions require belief in at least one completely absurd thing. – You can say that again.
8. Just because a story didn’t really happen doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have value - Aesop knew this... or did you really think that he observed a rabbit and a turtle in a foot-race? – What that never happened?
10. We don’t appreciate the military enough. – Amen
11. There is no such thing as gender equality, and there never will be. – Amen again
12. The clothes don’t make the man, the man does. This is equally true for Armani suits and “TapOut” t-shirts. – What’s a “TapOut” t-shirt?
13. The clothes can, however, break the man. -  Books get judged by their covers all the time.
15. Ladies, men are like a Rubik’s cube with only one color, if you can’t figure us out, you’re just not trying. – That is so not true.  Men are as complex as women, they just won’t talk about it.
19. The amount of money one spends on making one’s car “louder” is inversely proportional to one’s value to society. – Specially if you live in my neighbourhood, same goes for Harley Davidsons.
21. No one under the age of 20 has any “insight” to offer on anything. – False
25. The douchebag era is not over, in fact, it’s still very much in full swing. Don’t believe me? Check out the crowd at the next Mixed Martial Arts event. – Don’t hate me but I think boxing and MMA are barbaric.

That's my two cents on that

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