Friday, November 18, 2011

Random thoughts and opinions

Nothing earth shattering here, no bucket list just some things that I've always thought "Hmm, I'ld like to try that/have one of those"
1.  Ami.Mental has inspired me to try tye-dye.  I've thought about it off and on but now I really want to have a go at it.  I've always been somewhat intimidated by the process but if she can do it with a bunch of kids surely a grown up like me can do it alone.
2.  In the "not a f*ckin' chance" category - own a mercedes
3.  Ziplining
4.  In the overcoming fear category - explore some well lit, very large caves

There are plenty of things I want to do or try but I have a problem with motivation.  This article got me thinking about it a little more.  I'm usually pretty quick to blame my lack of motivation on my depression and it's energy sapping qualities but I think it's time to challenge that.

I wonder if I could get a government grant to study why so many people are so freaked out by clowns?  I would just buy a new car with the grant and write a report saying it's the freaky makeup.  But seriously, what's up with people being afraid of clowns?

What is a blog hop?

Why do some web sites insist on having so many ads that one small article requires about 100 pages?

When I was out walking with Max yesterday I heard an interview on the radio about the occupy movement.  There were two people being interviewed and unfortunately the guy who was supporting the movement sounded like a total whack-job.  He kept talking about corruption, conspiracies, the ruling elite and so on and to make matters worse, he made personal insults against the man on the other side of the argument.  There is so much talk about this since the camps have begun being dismantled that I have to get this off my chest.  If I understand it correctly (and it's quite possible that I don't) the occupy movement is to protest the unfair distribution of wealth and power today.  I don't by any means believe that our system of government (particularly our justice system) is perfect.  I get that there are flaws in both our democracy.  I absolutely believe there is tremendous injustice in terms of the distribution of wealth and have often asked myself "How much money is enough?"  There are people with sums of money at their personal disposal that is nothing short of obscene.  I get that they may have earned it (let's face facts, some have lied, cheated and stolen to get it) but that doesn't change the fact that it's obscene for a person to have tens or hundreds of millions of dollars and not use it to help others.  I have great admiration and respect for the Gates and Warren Buffet.  I'm quite sure that other super rich do donate, contribute and assist and I think they should share that information.  Cynics will say that they are just trying to make themselves out to be heroes but those same cynics will say they are greedy and selfish if they don't make public their good works.  Having said that I don't believe that the occupy movement has any business camping in public parks.  I whole heartedly believe in the rights to free speech and assembly but I think you should have to do it within the boundaries of the laws we all have to abide by.  If  I went and pitched a tent on public land and set up my campstove etc. I would be booted out pronto and rightly so.  I don't understand why the protest can't be done by people who show up when they are not at work or at school, or all day for those who can't find work, and stay as long as they can then go home to sleep and come back the next day.  With the number of people who are unemployed, working shifts and going to school, I suspect that the protests could be carried out 24/7 without anyone sleeping there or pitching a tent.  I think that would be more of a show of dedication than pitching tents and squatting and would also garner more public support.


  1. It doesn't happen because people aren't desperate enough--yet. I support the Occupy folks because at least it is bringing some attention and a public voice to the concerns of many regular people. Before this all we ever heard was the Tea Party stuff.

    As for clowns, I've always like them. :-)

  2. No 2, you could start with the key fob and get one bit by bit! just a thought :-)