Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Don't go off the rails, don't go off the rails"

So yesterday the Max man started limping again and I'm surprised at how thrown off I am about it.  I thought he was all better then he starts hopping and limping and walking normally again.  The conundrum being that it's getting better but it's not all better and going back to the vet seems like it would be a waste of time.  There's still no swelling, no sign of infection and the paw is not sensitive to the touch.  When we were there, the vet examined, manipulated, massaged the foot so thoroughly that if there was anything on or in the paw he would have seen it.  So we've decided to wait it out, at least a little longer.  I realize that it probably seems ridiculous for me to worry about this but he can't tell me what's wrong.

I'm working really hard to stay on track and not stew and worry about Maxi.  Yesterday I didn't end up getting as much done as I had hoped but I was still able to do some stuff.  Today (after Max woke me up at 5:30) I am determined to stay on track and finish up what I had planned for yesterday.  I'm not going to let yesterday's blip carry on in to today.

My kids being ever helpful and concerned about the fact that I worry were kind enough to not come home last night.  So now I'm pissed at them and not so much worried about Max.  In the spirit of staying positive: 

One reason I love Jessica:  Me, she and John were talking the other day and John asked if any of her friends drink and drive, she said "No, at least not when I'm around because they know I would call the cops."  She said her friends know she would call the cops and report the car and location so they don't even try when she's with them.  She's a smart cookie and that's one of the reasons I love her.

One reason I love Derek:  The other morning Derek was in the bathroom blowing his nose while I was waiting for the kettle to boil and he says "I hate when that happens"  and I say "When you get a runny nose?"  and he says "No, when you underestimate the amount of kleenex you need and you end up getting it all over your face."  He makes me laugh and that's one of the reasons I love him.


  1. ::snort:: underestimate the amount of kleenex... ha.

    I always thought it was underestimating how much snot I had.

    Hope Max is on the mend really soon.

  2. I love the kleenex thing too :) I hope Max is okay, it's scary when our furry friends appear to not be well but you just can't see why or how. Thinking of you!

  3. Wishing Max well soon, from one dog lover to another. Med