Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Not really resolutions

Your Muse Is Calling

For my part, I resolve to continue the following strategies that have been working very well for me:
  • Giving myself permission to only do a little, so I don’t resist starting.
  • Focusing on what I have accomplished, rather than what I haven’t.
  • Focusing on what went right, rather than what went wrong.
  • Approaching scary stuff as an experiment and any unpleasant results as useful data.
  • Trusting that things will fall into place if I keep taking action.
I can apply these strategies to whatever I want. They are tried and true, and if I resolve to do those things when pursuing the many goals I’ll have in the coming year, I’m sure to succeed.
D has been talking about this being her year.  She started by quitting her meds cold turkey.  I think this was a big mistake but she seems to be coming out the other side safely.  At first I thought the whole "This is my year" thing was just a bad flashback for me.  I can't tell you how many years I have said the same thing and it just never happens.  This year I haven't actually come out and said so but I'm feeling it.  
For some reason I cannot explain (but wish I could so I could share it with you and so I could save it for another time when I need it) I just feel different.  D's resolve is wearing off on me and I know having John home for the month and just enjoying his company instead of feeling compelled to do stuff helped.  
I sewed together a tote bag which required quite a bit of experimentation and didn't really turn out the way I wanted.  Instead of tossing the whole thing in a box, I took it apart and looked at where I went wrong.  I have dug out some more fabric and am about to try again and I'm looking forward to trying again.
Maxi and I went for a walk yesterday and it seems to have irritated his little foot again so I will be taking a short walk today.  We will go in spite of the fact that the weather people seem to think that some snow and freezing rain is tragic and verging on disaster.  We live in Ottawa for heaven's sake, this weather comes every year.

There are a hundred different projects I want to make but I am trying to exercise some self discipline and start with projects for which I already have the materials.  I'm finding this is easier than it has been in the past though I am still spending an inordinate amount of time searching the net for instructions, pictures, tutorials etc.   The difference is I'm actually making progress on projects in addition to surfing.  My days are full and I have things to show for it at the end of the day.

Please cross your fingers that this continues and that I haven't jinxed myself by saying this "out loud" (so to speak).  I am cautiously optimistic,  still a little scared that the rug will be pulled out from under me.  Socially, I'm still a little crippled and frightened but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.  As Spanner says:  Onward and upward in the pursuit of happiness.


  1. "My days are full and I have things to show for it at the end of the day."

    That is a big, big deal.
    It sounds like you're doing better. And even if it's not permanently 'on my way up!!' stuff, it takes time to form new patterns.


  2. Liked the post a lot. Have crossed my fingers but get the feeling you don't need much support. You seem to be on your way :-)