Monday, January 30, 2012

Max was limping again after a long walk on Saturday.  We skipped yesterday and took a shorter walk today, again he seems fine but I called the vet and we're taking him in on Thursday.  At their suggestion, he will see the other vet in the practice for a second opinion (even though I have total faith in the first) and will likely get some X-rays.  He has to fast from 6:00 Wednesday night so that will be fun. On our walk today, we saw a fox,  just saying, I thought it was pretty cool and so did Max.  He made an attempt to chase the little guy but with the freeze and thaw we've had there is an icy crust on top of the snow that the fox seemed to glide over and Max kept breaking through.  The fox looked like a graceful ballerina and Max like a slow, clumsy ox.  Maxi man gave up pretty quick and resorted to barking as the fox disappeared into the bush.

No matter how many times I read the same stuff about changing your life and how to go about it, it all sounds like crap to me.  So much so that sometimes when I'm reading an article I think " This is retarded, if it was this easy, I would have done it a long time ago."  What's even more retarded is that I keep reading these stupid articles hoping one of them will have some little tidbit that will make all the difference.  Whatever.

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  1. He has to fast for an xray?
    Man, I'd never make it as a dog.

    Thing with people who write about depression? Their depression isn't YOUR depression. They can only tell you what worked for them, not what's gonna work for you.

    But when you figure out what will work for you, you can write a book TOO.