Monday, February 20, 2012

A new doggie (sort of)

I keep hitting publish once I get the title in and before I actually write the post - sorry.

As you know I have been doing what had to be done in order to foster dogs from the humane society.  We got one on Friday.  She's a five year old shi tzu (sp?).  She's got a serious underbite going on which makes her look pretty funny.  She's very clingy and despite the fact that she weighs about seven pounds Max is afraid of her.  She tries to play with him and he just looks at her and then walks away.  He gives her quite a lot of space when he walks by her.  I'm a bit disappointed that he's not enjoying her company more but I'm sure hopeful that will come.  She's a little scruffy - any hints on how to brush out tangles for such a little dog.  She seems so delicate after our 90 pound Max that we are afraid of hurting her.

In other news....nothing.  I didn't think I felt all that badly when I wrote my last post but apparently some sadness and discouragement was communicated and I appreciate the comments and support.

Jessica has a new boyfriend (not sure if I've talked about this before).  He treats her very well and that is so huge for us.  It's so important after the guy she was with for the last long (too long) while that she knows she deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. She has yet to bring him in the house to meet us but I'm not really concerned about that. He's a year or two older than Jess and has yet to finish high school (only 2 credits left) and doesn't have a job.  This does bother me and I hope they both find work soon.  Jess says she's going to convince him to finish school - maybe they could graduate together.  That would be fun.  She spends the weekends at his house as well as some other evenings, she spends some evenings with her friends and some WITH US.

Derek also has a girlfriend who seems very nice.  She is very polite and seems very sweet.  He met her at work, she goes to a different high school so they don't see each other every day and he still sees his other friends which is really good. 

I'm thinking about having an informal Easter dinner and inviting them.  I don't know if they will want to come or even if our kids will want to come but I will make the invitation.  Isn't that what non-depressed mom does - have their kids friends over for dinner?  I suppose I should figure out when Easter is.

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  1. I never know when Easter is either. You sound great!