Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm still breathing

Angel has been adopted already.  We didn't even get a chance to get her little raincoat to her.  Maybe we can pass it along via the Humane Society, or maybe it doesn't really matter.

Max and I are back to longer walks, a little off leash, a little on.  It has surprised me how much I missed these walks.

I have decided I'm going to put up some Christmas lights and some shiny garland up in the spare room.  Might make it more inviting.  John offered to actually put up the Christmas tree but it's the lights and garland that I like best.  I'm sure the kids are going to think I'm nuts and will be embarrassed to explain that their mother is a little nuts but what the hell, it won't interfere with them watching t.v.  I shouldn't say kids, I should say Derek because Jessica has Christmas lights in her room.  (which is really clean now and she's keeping it clean - yaay! - my dear sister said she would help paint and decorate if she keeps it clean for a while and wants her help, which she - Jess - does, of course)

I've been through another marathon sorting and organizing spurt.  Hasn't accomplished much except things look neater.

I want my kids to be happy.  I worry about their lack of ambition and direction.  I know they are still young and Jessica does seem set on Journalism but they seem so lackadaisical about their future.  I don't want them to have to struggle financially.

Once again our mortgage is going to get bigger instead of smaller but the good news is it will pay off all our debt and we will still have a sizable chunk of equity in the house.  Since we have abandoned our credit cards we will not find ourselves in the same mess again, also, as the kids get older they are getting more self-sufficient.  As always, Derek spends a fortune on clothes but buys them himself.  Jessica is making do with what she has and is looking for work, not too hard but she is looking. 

Jessica is also almost finished another credit.  Looks like Derek will be short two credits from graduating on time and he still has no volunteer hours at all - he needs 40 to graduate.  Those hours would be easy enough to get if he just got his butt in gear but he has more important things to do.  He is playing rugby and I am very very happy about that. 

I had to send my bracelet back, it was a little too big and the clasp was coming undone far too easily.  It was quite an ordeal trying to explain that I wanted two half silver links, two full silver links and three opal links.  I didn't think it was that complicated but apparently it was.  Hopefully they have it figured out now and I will get the bracelet in a week or two.

Watching lots of crappy t.v.  Trying to stick to comedy (movies, sit-coms are just too...I don't know, I just don't like them) and kids stuff.  I like the kid stuff when I'm feeling this way.  Adventure movies with fun and action and the kids always win.  I like "The Goonies" and "Super 8" and I watched "Aliens in the Attic" the other day and that was another fun little movie and of course the kids saved the day.

As usual, I have lots of plans in my head of art I want to create, projects to finish, and new ones started.  My head is full of ambition and ideas and creativity, my heart and my body don't seem to want to cooperate.  I have started a new bed cover for our bed.  It seems red is not a popular color for comforters or duvet covers unless it includes a lot of white which would be ok if I were willing to refuse to let Max on the bed and I'm not.  So we have agreed on a pattern (crocheted) and it will be red, cream with black flecks, and grey with black flecks.  They call the yarn with flecks in it "Tweed" and charge more for it but I think it will add a little more character.  Once all the pieces are done I will put it together with black yarn and do a black border all the way around it.  I'm pretty happy with the plan, although I made some adjustments to the pattern which took like two days to figure out because my brain isn't working properly.  After a few restarts because I wasn't happy with the way it was looking and because of a couple of mistakes I'm off on it.  The thing I like best about crochet is the rhythm of it and once you get that rhythm going it takes very little concentration.

I was to the Dr. for the dreaded PAP test and burst into tears when she asked how things are going.  She asked if I wanted to come back and talk about it but there isn't much point in that anymore.  I'm not going to hurt myself, she can't really do anything and I'm pretty sure this too shall pass.

Spanner:  I haven't been commenting or responding to your comments but please know I'm reading and your encouragement means a lot.
Boo:  I know if you could fix it you would and when I think of something you can do to help, I will let you know. I love you.

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