Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What I listen to

From Spanner:  ...Do you have DAB in Canada ? as in FM/MW/LW ?
   Onwards and upwards
To Spanner from me:  ...I will also bring my speaker thingy and my MP3 player (I'm so uncool, I have a walkman not an ipod) so I can listen to peppy, happy music.  I don't know what "Do you have DAB in Canada ? as in FM/MW/LW ?" is.
From Spanner: 
Hi, DAB is like FM but it's digital (isn't everything) so you get loads more stations and obscure stuff, like French Radio London which is a half English/French speaking station. I listen to BBC radio 4 extra, which is mainly plays and serials some dating back to when God was a boy. I prefer it to music as it's like someone chatting away as you work :-)
Onwards and upwards
Hi;  I guess that would be like Sirius Radio.  I don't have it but there are times when rather than music I listen to CBC or our local talk radio CFRA. 
CBC is , obviously like BBC but in addition to drama, they have talk shows, news shows, interviews - stuff like that mixed in with the occasional tune.  The tunes are all Canadian and not all good. 
The local talk radio is good company because they choose topics and people call in to offer they're opinions - some I agree with, some I don't and some are just plain outrageous.  These I like because I talk back to the people on the phone - I can say anything and don't have to worry about hurting feelings, sounding stupid or blurting out something I shouldn't say. 
At night time, if I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep I like to put on the radio and listen quietly (so as not to wake John).  CBC will often have ABC (from Australia - not America), radio Netherlands, etc or BBC shows which I like to listen to.  There is also a show on CFRA call Coast to Coast from Los Angeles which has some guests who can be very interesting/entertaining/whacko (sometimes all at once) which is fun to listen to sometimes late at night.

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