Thursday, April 11, 2013

I sold something!

I sold a scarf that I crocheted to one of Jessica's friends.  She said she loves it so much she doesn't want it to warm up outside.  I only charged her a little more than what the yarn cost but that's besides the point right?  It's a start.

Also, I'm determined to get my sewing machines (actually one belongs to my mother in law) working.  We looked at new ones and to get one that I can really use for quilting is a lot more expensive than I thought it would be.  John was perfectly willing to get one but I really want to get the ones I have fixed to see if I really will use it more often before investing in a new one.  If anyone has any insights or advice regarding new machines I would appreciate it.

One issue I have with selling stuff is that if you look at Etsy stores, people specialize.  I get bored with making the same things so I make a bunch of different things.  People may see that as me being a "jack of all trades, master of none" but I really don't want to choose something and start "pumping out" the same things over and over.  However, I have chosen to do what I want to do, make what I want to make and then post a bunch on Etsy, maybe pretend there's a couple of people sharing the store and see what happens. 

First things first though, I need to figure out how to get started on Etsy and how to figure out how to get really good pictures of my stuff.  The camera I have is just not good enough and I am not going to buy a new one.  Jess will need a new one for school so I figure she can take the photos. By the time she gets it I should have enough items finished for a reasonable start.

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  1. Woohoo, well done. Sounds like you have a plan. It might be worth asking your daughters mate what she particularly likes about your scarf and what she would of paid for it in a store. Nothing beats customer feedback :-)