Tuesday, August 6, 2013


It's been a long time since I've posted and that's partly because I've been a little pre-occupied with other stuff (pictures of which I will post in a separate post - by the way, does anyone know how to get photos from google picassa to facebook? There are some people who don't read my blog but would like to see what I've been up to - anyway, I digress) and partly because I usually like to think about what I'm going to write and I have been consciously trying not to ruminate.  Since the last time I posted:

Jessica and Derek have both graduated from High School.  He stuck it out at Walmart until he got his profit share cheque and then set out to find a full time job.  I'm happy to say is now working full time.  I broached the subject of him contributing to the household not with rent but with paying his own cell phone bill and bus pass to start with.  Not surprisingly there was opposition from both kids but most vehemently from Jessica.  He has his G1 (learners driving license) and is intent on buying a car.  He is enrolled in driving lessons (which we paid for) and I think we are going to give him some time to save for a car and then broach the subject again.
Jessica is enrolled in college and starts in General Media and Communications in September.  She has received her schedule and is quite happy with it.  She is quite nervous about it and so am I.  I hope she realizes it will take more effort and she will get fewer breaks from teachers.  Unfortunately her OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) loan will not cover all of her expenses and she has yet to find a job.  I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with her.  I know she's looking but I know for sure she could be trying harder.
John's good knee is now giving him trouble and he is scheduled to have surgery in September.  He had a shot of "Durolane"  which of course was not covered by OHIP to the tune of $450.  To add insult to injury he doesn't even feel like the shot helped much.
Jessica and I both needed new glasses (eye glasses).
So given all these expenses, and the fact that John will be having knee surgery in September, it looks like the upstairs bathroom reno is going to be put off again.  Oh well, what's another twenty years!  Really I'm very upset about it but there is no one to blame and therefore no one to be angry at.

Also, my parents' 60th anniversary has come and gone.  We had a party for them and the planning which D took on pretty much entirely alone was, as you can imagine (with 6 kids, spouses, family friends), somewhat complicated and tiring.  I did some of the running around with her but that was just keeping her company and was the least I could do.   John and I would have liked to pitch in more financially but it just wasn't possible so we offered D our support as much as we could.  The party itself was surprisingly easy for me and I really had a good time.  Saw some people I haven't seen in ages including my beloved brother and his wife who I still miss terribly and I even met a member of the family we'ld never met before (whole other story).  My feelings in the days, probably a week after, were extremely complicated and confusing.  I thought about trying to post about those feelings but found myself at a loss even when I tried to write with pen and paper. 

We have had a lot of hot, humid weather which generally results in wicked rain storms and joy of joys, we occasionally have water seeping into the basement.  It's not finishes and most of our stuff is up off the floor so not much is ruined but nevertheless.  Yesterday John and I cleaned up, sorted out and tossed a bunch of stuff.  We can see where the water is coming in but not why so John will have to move some shelves to investigate.  Since it's on the one wall that is attached to our neighbours' garage, we will have to knock on the door and see if we can have a look at what we can do, if anything on the outside.  I have visions of excavations, waterproofing etc., etc. and a large bill.  John doesn't seem to think it will be that big of a problem.  As usual, I trust his judgement and he'll know what needs to be done but that won't necessarily stop me from worrying.

Last but not least my little, ok big, Max is fine.  He hates the hot weather as much as I do so are walks are shorter, (actually John has been taking him quite often).  We got a hard side baby pool for him.  The hard side ones are surprisingly hard to find, they are mostly blow up ones.  Anyway, he likes to splash around in it after walks.  Sometimes he will just stand in it and drink some water, other times he will try to dig a hole in the bottom (explains why we can't use the blow up kind) and splash water everywhere.  Sometimes he lays down and rolls around.  Sometimes he'll jump in  and spin around, then tear around the backyard and jump back in spin around and start over again.  It is a joy to watch.

As for the rest of John and I's respective clans, they have various complaints and ailments but thankfully, nothing life threatening. 

I must try to be more diligent about posting and more disciplined when I do post that I don't allow the thoughts and words to spiral into self pity.  That is the primary reason why I'm trying to focus on not ruminating, when I do it generally ends badly.

I would like to thank Spanner for the shout out and sorry I didn't respond to you sooner.

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