Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Distraction v. Anxiety

I did have a craft area set up in the spare room and one in the basement but I didn't use them. Now we are storing some of my mother-in-laws things in the basement (I don't mind this at all) and upstairs in the spare room, we set up a t.v. and stuff for the kids as well as storage for my craft supplies. The reason I didn't use them is directly related to my anxiety although I can't explain it. When I'm alone in the house, my comfort zones are very limited: The living room and our bedroom. I can cook or wash dishes in the kitchen if I bring in a radio. Our house is not big, so it's not as if I can ever get too far from a comfort zone. I just can't get comfortable and relax elsewhere. In addition to this, I also like to have the T.V. or talk radio on for company. The problem with this is that it makes it difficult to concentrate so I put more involved projects off in favour of things I can do with the distraction. Then, when John is home I want to spend time with him. (John works two jobs, since my disability cheques don't go too far so he's not home a whole lot).
Virtually all of my crafting, drawing, sewing, etc. is done while I sit on the couch. This has resulted in quite a bit of stuff in the dining room so it's handy for what I'm working on and the coffee table has become my "work table". John says he doesn't mind because it's fairly tidy, but still. I look at all these beautiful studios and sewing rooms and I wish I had one, but I'm not sure I would be able to use it even if I did. I suppose it doesn't matter right now because there is no space for a craft room. I wonder what happened because when the kids were little the spare room was my craft room and I did use it. I forgot about that. The kids called it the "busy room" because when I was in there with the door closed, John would tell them that I was busy in there and they should not disturb me. I can't remember exactly when my comfort zones shrank and I don't know why they did but they did and it has left me in the conundrum I'm in now.


  1. At least you are crafting and maybe you can work on increasing your comfort zone. Hope you have a good evening.

  2. First of all, thanks for your comment on my post.

    I had trouble finding that "comfort zone" too- I am in a dormitory for the time being. I found a trail and I walked away and then went off the path and sat in a secluded area. Walking is great, really clears the mind.