Friday, May 20, 2011

What color is that?

I spend a lot of time organizing.  It is my way of coping.  Having said that, you would think that my house would be neat and tidy all the time but it's not.  That's because when I organize, I pretty much haul everything out and start over.  I have all my craft stuff pretty much sorted by color, the trouble is that I have trouble with colours.  Officially, I am not color blind but I spend an inordinate amount of time examining an item and thinking "Is that blue, or purple?"  The colors I have trouble with are teal, aqua, turquoise - what are those colors anyway?  Are they all the same?  I also have trouble distinguishing purple and pink.  Sometimes I'll put a thing in the pink pile and I think "No, that's purple"  so I move it into the purple bin and think "Nope."  Where does peach fit in exactly?  Is it pink or orange? Then I get stuck and spend too much time pondering the conundrum.  Sometimes I even ask John, who is officially colorblind "What color is this?"
Also, just how many bins should I have?  Obviously some colors have to be combined, but which ones?  Right now I have Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, White and Silver, Black and Gold, Yellow and Off-white, Red, Orange, Brown, Gray and Burgandy.  I'm thinking Black, Gray and Silver could go together.  Then Yellow and Gold, or maybe Brown and Gold.   Maybe I should put red and burgandy together.  But what about that ribbon that is gold and white? - You see my problem.
Finally, what about sub-bins inside the bins.  With blue you have baby blue, navy blue, blue green (or is that green-blue), royal blue...
My guess is that your thinking that it's not that big a deal.  My husband agrees.  He thinks as long as it looks nice together, it doesn't matter what you call it.  True, BUT if I'm doing something that is pink, blue and green  how do I know if I've crossed the line from pink to purple and mess up the whole color scheme?  I haven't tried this yet but what if I do something in monochrome, I could totally mess it up by using burgandy when it should be all reds or does burgandy count as red?

In case you're wondering, I write this only partially with tongue in cheek.  It does bother me a lot when I'm sorting or choosing colors for my project but I don't loose any sleep over it.  Just saying.


  1. I need to organize my closets....But I can always think of something funner to do.
    Hope you got all your fabrics organized.

  2. I've been spending the last week working on this very thing and have the same problem with some of the colors. I will be adding a picture on my blogger either tonight or tomorrow and you'll see how I did mine. I couldn't decide on so many of them, so I gave up. It was either that or throw the darn things away. LOL I worry about the silliest things sometimes.

  3. Just dropping by to say hello... Hope you had some happy times this weekend. Any fun crafting? Hugs, Kim

  4. LOL! I'd probably lose some sleep over this.