Monday, June 20, 2011

What's been going on.

My sister (from out of town) came down for two days.  She really helped me get re-jump started on decluttering and cleaning.  As usual her visit was fun and she listens well.  The other thing is that she is honest with me and then makes sure I hear what she is really saying, that I'm not reading between lines that aren't there.

I went to the potluck, my sister picked me up and drove me home.   It was tough getting there and it was tough for the first couple of hours but then I was ok.  We talked more openly than ever before about my illness.  I think they pretty much all knew but didn't really ask or anything.  I learned that one of the women has a son who suffers from bi-polar and schizo-affective disorder.  He lives out west and is very depressed right now.  I think she was asking me how to talk to him without upsetting him so I tried to explain as best as I could what a person does/doesn't want to hear when they are depressed.  I really don't know much about the schizophrenia part but I do know about being depressed enough that all you do is stay in bed and watch t.v.  I'm a little concerned that I may have babbled a little too long about my own experience as well.  The next potluck is also a pool party at the beginning of August.

I have decided against a garage sale.  I'll take what I can to a pawn shop and donate the rest.  I will be so relieved to get all this stuff out of the house.  John and I will load up the truck today and take some to the Sally Ann and tomorrow is garbage day so I'll be hauling a bunch of stuff to the curb today.  I can hardly wait.

The chronology is coming along nicely.  There are alot more holes in the journal than I thought there was so I am also using the kids report cards to help me remember some events and dates.  My journal has been set aside for a while, it was getting kinda boring.

I've been feeling well and although I wouldn't go so far as to say energetic I have been getting enough done that at the end of the day, I feel like I have accomplished something.  The kind of stuff that shows and that once it's done it's done.  Not like laundry, dishes, sweeping etc. where you just have to turn around and do it again.


  1. It doesn't matter where you go, you'll find somebody who knows somebody with a mental illness. Glad to hear you're doing better.-Kevin

  2. I am so happy to hear you went to the potluck, and even happier to hear it ended up okay.
    Jojesek, if I was doing the things you are doing, I would have no problem saying I'm energetic! Keeping the dishes done is a good day for me. Ha.
    One of the problems I have with people is thinking they are all so together inside, but I've come to find out, most of them aren't together. They just know how to talk the talk.

  3. Glad you went to the potluck! You may have been a blessing to that family! :)

  4. Thats great you went out. Well it sounds great you got some things done around the house. Hope you have a nice week. Hugs, Kim

  5. I'd say you've done a lot here. I agree with Linda...sometimes getting the dishes done is a good day! Good job on stepping out of your comfort zone. I need to do that more myself.

  6. I suppose I'm glad I went to the potluck. I'm really glad my sister was here to help me out and that I was able to do stuff after she left, but apparently I got carried away 'cuz now I feel empty of emotion, energy and motivation.