Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Art, Crafting and Sorting

I like to create and craft, honest I do.  Unfortunately, I also like to research and organize.  Lately I have been spending so much time surfing the internet bookmarking and saving to MS Word all manner of projects, techniques, inspirational pics (other peoples art) and reference pictures that I haven't actually done anything.
To make matters worse, I have decided that I should re-organize all my beads.  I agonized over sorting them by color (remember my "what color is that?" post in May)  because I was primarily working on projects that I limited to three colors.  Since my peacock though, I have decided I like doing that too.  I've drawn a bunch of birds and butterflies which I will do the same way.  I also intend to make flowers and trees and sew them all on to a background and create a beautiful masterpiece.  (I know, I know big plans but it is possible that I really will do it and having a plan and a goal is a good thing isn't it?).  Anyway, since I want to create colorful birds, butterflies and flowers, I decided that sorting by color makes it impossible to see all of my options regarding size and shape.  (In all honesty I simply have too many beads but I'll be darned if I don't keep them all available.  I briefly considered randomly removing half of them to storage but discarded that idea very quickly.  Having so many can be overwhelming and cause me some anxiety but generally they make me happy.  I'm pretty sure that won't make sense to anyone but me but I'm just sayin')  So I have spent a good part of this last week re-organizing them into style, shape, and size of beads.  Now that I'm pretty much done that I have a new problem:  Where the hell am I going to store all these things.  My sister (the one from out of town) says I am the bucket queen and she's right - how can anyone possibly stay organized if they don't have sorting buckets?  I need buckets to organize my containers.  Anyway now I have more categories than I did colors so I have more buckets to store and nowhere to store them.  The trials and tribulations of a craft supply hoarder!  I guess I will simply have to toss something that belongs to someone else (just kidding)
I will soon post photos of my completed peacock and the beginnings of my menagerie that will form the parts to my masterpiece.  As soon as I finish organizing (possibly never) and find the energy to take the photos - taking photos can be very taxing you know, finding the camera and the card, taking the photos, getting the card out and into the computer...

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  1. I am not very good at organizing....Hope you figure out a good way, I have seen alot of people use those little tackle boxes.