Monday, September 5, 2011

Two posts that hit home for me.

 Jermec over 140
I debated about linking here because I am not bi-polar and am not on a "mood-stabilizer", just anti-depressants but I have never read a more eloquent description of the flatness that is exactly how I feel and perhaps more than depression, laziness or fatigue is responsible for my lack of motivation.

In Pursuit of Happinesss 
This is a post that describes why I am afraid to make a business out of selling my art.  Maybe someday I'll be ready, but not now.

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  1. I too am a victim of depression but I have found the more creative I am, even when I would rather lay around, the better I can cope and think positive thoughts. Perhaps that is one reason I can't stop crazy quilting. It does help to be passionate about something. Explore and find your passion then just do it as often as you can. The energy will come in time. Hang in there and I am so glad you enjoyed the beach journey.
    Smiles and hugs,