Thursday, October 27, 2011

A little update

I had a really great visit with D.  I can hardly believe that it was a couple of weeks ago now. When I got home I came down with a wicked cold and am just now getting back to normal.  I'm still setting my alarm at 7:30, listening to the news and meditating before getting up and I think it's helping.  I also think the SAMe is helping.  It's kinda expensive so I decided I would replace all the odds and ends I'm taking with a really good multi-vitamin.  So that would make my B12 shots, SAMe, 50mg prisiq, 300 mg wellbutrin, linessa and of course the clonazepam.  A guy John works with was singing the praises of "Astaxanthin".  I haven't really looked into that but I will.

My mood has been pretty good and I have been pretty productive.  I am well on my way to creating a "studio space" in the spare room.  With John's help of course.  He took a week off work to help me out and really got the ball rolling.  It's so easy for me to get discouraged on my own but now I feel like I can finish.  Not to mention that it was nice to have him home.  I'm really looking forward to having things set up so that I can go and create when the mood strikes without having to haul a bunch of stuff down to the living room.  I'm determined to make that room as safe and cozy and inspiring as I possibly can.

We bought a backgammon board.  We used to play all the time but then when the kids were little we had no time for anything.  Now we do have time but we kind of just use it to watch T.V.  We are both homebodies so going out holds no allure for either one of us so I decided we were going to have to do things here.  I have to say I kicked his ass the first few games we played but I think he's got his groove back.  We will also start playing crib again and he has always won more often than not at crib so we'll see.

Next, there is a website called Hello Ottawa that tells the stories of people living here.  I contacted the woman who runs the site and offered to help her out with transcribing her recorded interviews.  I have done transcription of interviews before and I know it can be very time consuming.  Needless to say she would be quite happy to have me help out and we have arranged to meet.  I just have to e-mail her and let her know when, I have been postponing that and I'm not sure why.  I know I can help her out and I think that it would be very interesting to do but going "out there" and meeting someone new is a little scary.

My sister P is having a potluck on the 19th and she has invited me to stay the night and buy me brunch the next day.  We've done that before and it was nice.   It's a little scary for me at the moment but hopefully by the time the date rolls around I'll be fine.  I considered saying I couldn't but I don't want her to be angry with me since I stayed four days at D's and am racked with anxiety about spending one night at her place.  It's not her, or her house; I'm not sure what it is.  I just know that I feel as safe at D's house as I do at home probably because she knows exactly what goes on in my head because she's been there.

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