Friday, October 28, 2011

OMG My kids!

They come home after John and I are in bed asleep and make all kinds of noise.
They leave dirty dishes all over the house.
They rarely put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
They rarely unload the dishwasher without being asked.
Derek is often past his curfew.
Jessica leaves dirty clothes (socks and sweaters mostly) on the couch.
Jessica fights with her boyfriend all the time which wouldn't be my business if I didn't have to listen to her screaming at him and crying. (Specifically being woken up after 11:00 last night to it - what was he doing here anyway at that time? - only to have her get pissed off at me!)
Derek spends his money on very expensive clothing and gives away shifts at work but doesn't pay me what we agreed on.
Jessica spends her money on God knows what but pays me even less than what Derek does.  (She'll hate me for saying this but I think it's liquor and pot)
Derek skips classes and then says it's only because he was late that he was marked absent.  (a favourite trick of Jessica's when she was in regular school)
Jessica is not making sufficient effort to finish up her credits to graduate.  She's 19 and still needs 5 credits and some (don't know how many) volunteer hours.
Derek has no volunteer hours whatsoever.
Jessica frequently does her own cooking (which is nice) then expects me to clean up and wash her dishes.
Derek makes PB & J sandwiches and uses two knives (one for the peanut butter and one for the jam) and somehow manages to get Jam all over the counter and the jam jar and he leaves massive clumps of peanut butter and jam on the knives which he then (thankfully) puts in the dishwasher.
They often don't eat what we make for dinner (God forbid they should actually be home and eat with us) but I still feel guilty if there isn't dinner for them if they ask.
They have no concept of how much money it costs to run the house.
They have no respect for me and John or for our house.
When Jessica does do something around the house it's like she's doing us a big favour.
Derek must think we are fools.  He can lie now without giving it away in his face but sometimes they are so transparent that I can hardly believe that he thinks we would buy it.
We all know where I stand with them and walking Max.

I suppose much of this is them trying to assert their independence (until they want something), typical teenage angst, testing of limits and all that other crap but it pisses me off.  And it pisses me off even more that they don't notice or care that I'm pissed off. And still I let them get away with murder because I don't want to fight with them.  I don't even care if they are mad at me anymore I just don't want to fight because I don't have the energy and I truly believe they wouldn't change anyway.  Their attitudes and shenanigans (what else do you call them) have far too much effect on my moods, my ability to sleep and my motivation.  I didn't think that we raised them to be lazy and self-centred but that's pretty much what they are.  I know that I shouldn't feel responsible for their actions but I keep coming back around to the fact that I was virtually absent so much of the time when they were little that I missed teaching them some things.  I know what you're thinking but John was taking care of me, working shifts, taking care of them, running them to and from daycare. I wish I could have helped him.

On top of all that I have gained five pounds and my knees ache.  So there.

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