Saturday, February 25, 2012

My thoughts are all a-jumble

I was deeply, deeply touched by the comments left on my open letter.
There is fresh new snow outside which would ordinarily be such a treat for me and Max to go for a big long walk.  He would bounce around and play in the snow and I would follow, throw snowballs for him and stuff.  Today another boring round around the block.  When we got back we played a little in the back yard but I'm so scared of hurting his back I didn't want to push it.  Plus our little fosterling was clearly not enjoying the snow as much as he was.  She does enjoy her food though.  I've never seen any dog get so excited about meal time.  She's like a kid at Christmas - bouncing, spinning in circles, you would think she hadn't eaten since Christmas.
I find myself becoming a little annoyed with Max instead of feeling bad for him.  All he has to do is acknowledge her or at the very least ignore her.  Instead he goes out of his way to avoid her.  Anyone have advice for me. 
If he's sitting with me and she comes over and he goes to walk away - do I ignore her and encourage him to stay or do I treat them both the same and let him walk away?
If she's sitting with me and he comes over, sees her and walks away - should I put her down and invite him up or let him walk away?
I don't know if fostering is a such a good idea after all.  Maybe he'll do better with a larger dog.  I don't want to give up just yet but I'm concerned that maybe Max isn't as stable and well-adjusted as I thought he was.  Maybe he's an emotional basket case like his pack leader (that would be me).
I feel very tired and weepy again today.  I'm not sure why because I think I'm sleeping o.k.  I'm concerned that I may not be able to hold it together without tears for the potluck tonight.  I will leave my decision on whether to go or not to the last minute.
Jessica said she would sit with the dogs while I have a bath but I'm not sure if she came home last night.
I still have laundry to put away from the other day.  I've also got to come up with a plan for dinner tonight.  More dishes to do too.
It looks like Derek is going to play Rugby this year and I am so, so happy about that.
He finished work at 11:00 last night and the deal was that on weekends he would bus home.  Well I guess he forgot because when he got home last night he was clearly pissed - there was a lot of stomping and slamming going on.  Oooh that pisses me off, I needs my sleep man.

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  1. HI!

    Don't give up on fostering. I have been fostering cats for many years and it has given me much.

    As for Max, he needs time to adjust. He's been alone for so long, had you all to himself. Just make sure you give him as much attention as to the foster.

    And go to the Potluck. It may be hard but it will be good for you.