Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun Weekend

I had a really nice weekend with D and John.   D came up Friday and went home Sunday.  I got some great fabric and a couple of books at a garage sale and a cookie tin filled with buttons for five bucks at a flea market.  I gotta say though, flea markets in this town are few and far between and they generally suck.  I'ld love to see a really great flea market where people sell old stuff, some junk and some new stuff cheap.  Mostly we saw DVDs, CDs, Books, "Antiques" which looked to me like old raggedy furniture grossly over priced, and "Vintage Jewelry" which looked to me like old, cheap costume jewelry.

I did get a stand to hold my embroidery hoops and I love it.  I can use two hands for stitching more precisely and it spins all the way around so I can flip the hoop over to knot on the back.

I have spent a fair amount of time with my mother-in-law at the hospital while she has a variety of tests in preparation for her surgery.  No date yet.  There are things I would rather do than sit at the hospital all day but I find I really don't mind (it's not like I have pressing engagements elsewhere).  She's really scared and I can always make her laugh and I know how much she appreciates it, as does John.  I would rather have John save taking the time off work to go with her when she's actually getting information on test results and talking to the doctors and of course when the surgery comes.  It sounds bad but in a way I kind of wish it was me because then maybe I could die of cancer fair and square and not have any of the crap that goes with suicide.  Only problem is (obviously I can't) I don't do well with pain and suffering so I would make everyone miserable on my way out.

Thor goes for another vet check today and I'm afraid he's going to be ready for adoption.  I will miss him.

Mood wise I have been pretty flat, been worse, been better.  This heat is absolutely leaving me toasted.  I really can't tolerate the heat very well.  For the most part the mornings are tolerable for me to walk my boys, I've only missed two days with them. 

That's it for now.

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