Friday, July 6, 2012

Quick update

I've been pretty sick with a cold so I'm just going to quickly post what's up.  I'll try to write some more once my head clears a bit.

My mother-in-law, who beat breast cancer a couple of years ago now has colon cancer.  Her GI guy is pretty confident that they will be able to cut out the tumors (two) along with small sections of colon and she will be fine.  Easy for him to say, needless to say she's pretty scared.  We don't have a date for her surgery yet, John will be taking her back to the Dr. this afternoon.  I can't go because the last thing she needs is to catch my cold.

We have a new foster.  He's been with us for three weeks now and is waiting for dental work and neutering.  He is a golden retriever/sheperd mix.  I thought he was going to be a really big dog but he's smaller than Max, not much but a little.  He's five years old and they told us he came in as a stray.  He's a beautiful dog (picture to follow) and really well behaved.  Pretty demanding of affection but that's my only complaint.  He and Max get along better than our last foster but Max is still kind of stand offish with him.

My parents are away on a holiday out west for a month.  They will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in Calgary where they met.  It sounded like a really nice trip by train, rented car, and a cruise off the coast of B.C.

We are sweltering here with the heat and humidity.  John has been walking the dogs before work this week since I'm sick and it's just too hot for them in the afternoon. 

We got a new mattress and I've been sleeping pretty great since. 

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  1. Good to read how things are going. Still miss you and love you lots. PS. Saw a picture D posted on facebook...beautiful dog and beautiful thing you're doing for him.