Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some stuff

We went to see my MIL's surgeon on Monday.  I think we all get what's going to happen.  There are some things still up in the air but those questions should be answered today.  She has another colonoscopy today and after it we will know for sure if the surgeon will have to remove two sections of colon or just one.  If it's only one, they figure they may be able to do it microscopically which would be great.  If the doctor today cannot get out the largest polyp, she will need open surgery to remove it and the tumor.  That will create some issues obviously with dressing changes and personal care once she gets discharged from the hospital.  I don't know what it's like elsewhere but here in Ontario they toss you out of the hospital as quickly as they possibly can.  She lives in a retirement home, not a nursing home so we may have to make some special arrangements but that's not for a while yet.  The surgeon, who we really liked, said the surgery would be in 4 to 6 weeks which is quick in this province.  Doesn't seem like long but I'm sure when you're walking around thinking "That cancer in my belly is growing everyday" it must seem like forever.  I kept wanting to ask if they could cut me open and scoop out all the stuff contaminated by depression.

So, about the shoes.  I needed new running shoes but it seems so outrageously expensive to get comfortable ones that I was reluctant to go shopping for some.  John however finally convinced me that it was the old shoes that were creating pain in my feet and legs because they were so worn.  We went to Sport Chek and I was looking for a pair under $80.  Good luck with that.  So John comes over with a pair of Asics for me to try on, which I did and they were really comfortable.  They were regularly $259.99!  Can you believe people pay that kind of money for running shoes?  John quickly pointed out to me that they were on sale for a mere $129.99;  still too much if you ask me but John said if I'm going to walk Max for an hour to an hour and a half every day it was better to spend the money and get good shoes.  I have really bad bunions so I've always had to spend money to get good leather shoes,  somehow with dress shoes for work it didn't seem so bad but running shoes - and I don't even run.  Anyway then the kid that was working there said that because these shoes were a model from two years ago (what like a car?) that I could get another pair from the same set of racks for free.  I said "You mean half price" and no it was the second pair free so I got a pair of DCs that were regularly priced at $74.99 for FREE!.  How cool is that?
 This is Angel, our first foster dog.

 This is Thor, our second foster dog.  I kept wanting to call him Rufus.  Doesn't he look like a Rufus to you?  He's already been adopted.  That is one lucky family.

 Although these pictures aren't great, these are some beaded bracelets I have been crocheting.  I think they are nicer than what the pictures show.  I guess I'm going to have to start reading about how to take better pics if I'm going to put anything on Etsy some day.
I got a bag of miscellaneous sewing notions at a flea market and this was included.  If anybody has any idea what it is and what it's for I would appreciate a note.  It may not even have anything to do with sewing.  (we know it's not a pestle, as in a mortar and pestle, it's way too light) That's a six inch ruler to show the size.

Also in the loot bag were these scissors with notches at the base of the blades.  The bottom picture shows them closed with the little rectangular hole that's left open.  They are really sharp where they close but the little hole is a total mystery to me.  Any ideas?

 The crazy quilt I'm working on right now is pink, yellow and green.  I'm trying something other than squares.  Again my photography needs some work.


  1. Hi Sheila I think your mystery items are a darning egg( or mushroom) and buttonhole scissors . Sounds like you got a real deal on your running shoes Way to go!

    1. Thanks Rosemary. I get the darning egg but I'm not sure about the buttonhole scissors, how would they work.
      Thanks again for the carving. I find myself going through the little door to an imaginary, better place.

  2. I'm glad you like the carving I really enjoymaking the doors and windows Could be anything in there!