Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stumped for titles

Well here we are, October 2.  Last I wrote we thought John's mom would be getting surgery in "two to six weeks" which would have brought us to mid/end of September.  Well her surgery was on August 30.  The surgery required the removal of two - one foot sections of colon in order to remove a a cancerous tumor and a "suspicious", very large polyp.  The surgery went well.  Unfortunately, in the week that followed complications developed and she had to go back into emergency surgery the following Saturday.  After that surgery she was in ICU for several days.  We almost lost her, she was basically in a drug induced coma for some days (don't ask me how many).  The doctors wanted her body to be totally focused on healing and fighting an infection that had pretty much poisoned her entire body.  Once she was brought around and was deemed well enough, she was moved back up to a regular hospital room where she still is.  She will likely be there another week and then be moved to a geriatric rehab centre (which we have heard wonderful things about) for as long as is necessary for her to regain her strength.  You can imagine the muscle loss that occurs after a little over two weeks completely immobile in bed.  The lymph nodes that were also removed during the surgery came back completely cancer free which means she will need no chemo or radiation therapy.

One of the (many) frightening things that we were weren't warned about is something called "post surgery delirium."  Apparently it is quite common especially in older patients and after extended stays in ICU, but it is exactly what it is called.  As she came around she was confused which we expected but despite the numerous times we tried to explain what was going on, she was completely uncomprehending.  She didn't know where she was, she was convinced she was in a variety of places other than the hospital, she even began hallucinating.  It was frustrating because often when we expressed concern about this the doctors and nurses wrote it off to "post surgery delirium" and seemed to think that since she is elderly, she probably was confused before the surgery.  There was a little memory loss and confusion before the surgery but we most certainly could tell the difference.  Finally I did a little googling and was somewhat reassured that it happens often and most often the patient recovers completely.  She seems to be coming around more and more.  I haven't been able to go and see her for a week now because I have been sick with a cold.  I'm hoping that I will be able to go later this week.

In those days after the first surgery, John took a couple of days off and I sat with her pretty much all day everyday because after the second day and John came after work.  We could tell she wasn't getting better and we wanted to be there to get any and all news from the nurses and the surgeon about what was happening and how they were treating each new complication.  After the second surgery John's sisters came and John took time off work so initially we all sat together at the hospital taking turns visiting her in ICU (only two at a time allowed) so the bulk of the pressure was off John and I.  Interestingly, once the doctors assured us that she was "out of the woods" John and I both got sick.  Who says fatigue and stress don't depress your immune system?

Anyway, we are all on the mend now and I'm not sure how I managed to get through the whole ordeal, getting to and staying at the hospital for such long days, trying to keep shit together at home.  The kids helped some with the dog and I managed.  Instead of giving myself credit for getting it done and for supporting John, I am beating myself up for not being able to get more done when there is no crisis.  I know this may sound like self pity but it isn't really, it is self loathing, it is confirmation that maybe depression isn't my problem and laziness is.

On a happier note, I got my necklace and dear D gave me new earrings for my birthday:

The earrings are those ones exactly (D thought I should have square ones since all the other pieces are square or rectangular instead of round studs) and the necklace is the same except different (ha, ha).  No really the only difference is that the silver around the opal has some scroll work on it.

In other news, I'm on a crochet kick.  I have small motifs and edgings coming out the ying yang but I do intend to use them on CQs or even on some of my painfully ordinary T-Shirts.

Jess and Derek are both back in school working on their last two credits and Jessica finally got a job.

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