Monday, March 21, 2011

Am I blogger yet?

This blogging thing is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be.  I thought I could just write stuff about what I'm doing and how I'm feeling and post some pictures of stuff I'm working on and some completed projects.  (Clearly I am not a writer, I think that is a run-on sentence)  Then my daughter help me set this up and I started poking around about blogs.  There's how to get people to read it, how often to post, how to get followers, how to make money from your blog....  I haven't totally figured out facebook yet!  I was ready to give up but I figure I can go slow, learn as I go along and even if nothing else pans out, I'll still have an electronic copy of my journal as opposed to hundreds of looseleaf pages.  I only hope that anyone who takes a peek now will not write me off but check back to see my progress.

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